Are you fanatical about reading?

Keen to join a exciting new KS2 Book Share Club?

Then we need your help…

To apply for this great opportunity, please write a paragraph to explain what you love about reading and the potential books you could share with other members of KS2.

Good Luck!

6 comments on “Avid Readers We Need You…

  1. Katie (Maddison's mum ) says:

    Please please please pick me!!!!!!! I just love to read road Dahl books.also I have loads of books at home and I love sharing books with people. I am really facinated with books. I love fiction books the best.

  2. Ahila (Ashani's mum) says:

    What a great idea!! When I was in school, if we had a book club I would be talking about every book that Enid Blyton wrote…and Roald Dhal. I was captivated by mysteries and basically anything fiction and magical.

  3. I like reading books by my favourite author Daisy Meadows because she has stories about witches and animals. I don’t enjoy horror stories because they give me the shivers.

  4. I think I would be a good person to have in the book club because I like all sorts of books but especially mystery and adventure. I have read lots of Enid Blyton and also Roald Dahl books. I also read books singly not as a whole series sometimes. Plus, I like talking about and summarising books that I have read. I would love this opportunity as I love reading.

  5. I think I would be great if I was in the book club because I love love to read and I think I would bring in the best books for our class I would push myself to read wherever whatever whenever or however I❤to????.

  6. I would love to be in the book share club!My favourite author is Rachel Renee Russel,because she writes comic books based on diaries. It is like reading a real person’s diary.So I want to share my books ,and I’m already making my own book club at golden time.

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