Year 6 Road Safety

This afternoon, Year 6 took part in a road safety seminar down in the School Hall. The presentation/performance highlighted some of the key safety lessons for travelling to and from school independently. The children worked in small teams as detectives to investigate a road and traffic incident and how it could have been prevented. This was a very thought provoking afternoon for Year 6 as their travel plans will be changing next year as they move into Secondary School. Here are some photos from the afternoon..

14 comments on “Year 6 Road Safety

  1. I really enjoyed learning at how to stay safe. The people were really good actors and they were also funny. Just remember that when you cross the road you check that it is safe.

  2. abigail year4😍😍😍😍 says:

    i hope you had a great time

  3. I really enjoyed doing this as it was funny . The actors were brilliant and made me really
    think about different types of roads.Thank you for coming in to display to us about road safety .

  4. sophie.kennedy says:

    It is so important to develop your awareness of how to stay safe as you develop your independence. Please remember all of the important lessons you have learnt today and be vigilant when crossing the road.

  5. Maya ( Y6 ) says:

    This was a wonderful performance with a serious moral. I felt so sad that the act was based on a true story!

  6. Thank you for the great performance!I Learned about about road safety though acting. Now I know what to when I cross the road, take a bus and any other transport I need to take to school.

  7. Road safety is super important!!!

  8. I really enjoyed that workshop the actors where really good I thought i was actually there it felt so real. And I now really know how important paying attention when crossing a road is.

  9. I really enjoyed learning about road safety.It is important to be aware of your surroundings on roads.The actors were very good and I found them really funny.

  10. This was so fun and funny at the same time! I know a lot about road safety now and really enjoyed it !!

  11. After this workshop, I am feeling much more confident on the road.

  12. Next time I will be more careful when crossing roads.

  13. I want to do it

  14. I believe that this Road Safety lesson will help me be more cautious when crossing roads independently in the future. I really enjoyed this re-inactment and it was very funny! I learnt a lot!

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