Year 4’s recorder concert!

Today year 4 put on their first recorder concert. It was made up of all the pieces of music the children have learnt since September. They did very well and impressed lots of adults who came to watch them perform. The children particularly enjoyed playing ‘Jingle Bells’ and got into the Christmas spirit! They are already looking forward to performing in their next concert in spring with new tunes!

6 comments on “Year 4’s recorder concert!

  1. Alex D yr4 says:

    That was fun

  2. abigail year4 says:

    I really loved playing Jingle Bells because I love to listen to it and I also liked the people who did Away in a Manger

  3. the concert was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Isabella george says:

    I agree with Abigail because it is my favourite Christmas song.

  5. Laila Yr4😝 says:

    I agree tooooooo😛

  6. Bet it must have been very good!

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