WW2 talk from Ms Irena Godyn

We were so privilaged to welcome Ms Irena Godyn to the Rosary today. Ms Godyn was a Polish vertran who after 1939 was sent by Soviets to Syberia and her later experiences which inluded the route of refugee running from Irkutsk through Uzbekistan and Persia to the UK. She has lived here in London since 1950. We all felt incredibly inspired by Ms Godyn’s story and it really brought the reality of the horrors of war to live. We can not thank her enough for taking her time to come and speak to us about what must be an extremely painful topic. We were all left in awe of her immense strength and determination. She is ceratinly someone we can all aspire to be like. Thank you also to Mr Szaran and Ms Topol for organising this fantastic opportunity.

3 comments on “WW2 talk from Ms Irena Godyn

  1. lynn okeh y 5/6 says:

    Hearing an elderly woman who had experienced world war 2 was a great opportunity for all of upper key stage 2.🎉😁

  2. Alex D yr4 says:

    Great experience of ww2

  3. Hannah A snowy owls says:

    It was really fun learning more intresting things about ww2

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