World War II Assembly Video

15 comments on “World War II Assembly Video

  1. Hattie (Condors) says:

    I loved the assembly and hopefully everyone learnt something from it as well as enjoying it! ?

  2. Fantastic assembly Condors.??It was AMAZING !?I am so excited to learn about world war 2!????✔✔✅✅??️‍?

  3. I really liked that we got to prepare are own scenes instead of just reading of a script the teachers gave us. The assembly was really fun and I’m sure all the parents are very proud!

  4. I am so happy about how well this assembly went and that the teachers helped Condors so much to make this happen:)

  5. StephanCondors says:

    I loved doing the school assembly I found it the best moment so far!

  6. felix@condors says:

    i have shown my parents this and they enjoyed it.

  7. I really enjoyed the assembly and I learnt lots of new things from it.

  8. it was so fun, key-stage one were very lucky as we did it the play agin for them.

  9. Anna McGrory says:

    Wow Condors – what a BRILLIANT assembly! I am SO glad you videoed it for all of those people who couldn’t see it live (including me!) I love the way you included so much in your assembly – what life was like during the war as well as key events. I love the use of WW2 music, radio excerpts, drama and narrative to give everybody so much information in such an entertaining and engaging way. Thank you so much and well done! Miss McGrory

  10. Hugh Condors yr6 says:

    It was sooooo much fun doing the assembly! It was a nice change writing our own scenes instead of the teachers preparing it for us.

  11. It was a fantastic assembly, Condors.I really enjoyed it .

  12. Well done condors it was Amazingly am so exited to learn about world war 2??l liked the singing the most???????????????????????
    Well done

  13. Iulia yr3/4 says:

    That was AMAZING condors I’m so excited to go to yr 6 and learn about world war 2 !!!!???????‍♂️?‍✈️✡?✴?✔✅✔✅??️‍? EXCELLENT!!??️➿➰??

  14. Arthur james green says:

    I loved doing this sir yes sir

  15. Well done Condors whoop whoop! I will sound like a soccer mum but seeing son Katema perform as a war child brought tears of joy and sadness. He acted it out but I can’t imagine the real scenario back then during the war. Losing a parent and being reunited with them gosh both so emotional.

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