World Science Day Fun in Lorikeets

   Today, Tuesday 10th November 2020, is World Science Day! Take a look at what we did to celebrate!

Here is a link if you would to find out more about World Science Day:

We carried out the Magic Milk experiment and we absolutely loved seeing the colours make designs! This is a perfect experiment to try at home too.


Mae Jemison

We also researched a black scientist and our chosen scientist was Mae Jemison. She was the first African American woman to go into space! Not only that, but Mae Jemison is also a doctor, teacher and inventor, as well as being an astronaut! She is such an incredible role model for working hard & never giving up on our dreams, we felt so inspired!

We imagined that we met Mae Jemison in real life and we had some questions for her:

  • How did it feel floating in the rocket?
  • How did you feel being chosen to go into space?
  • Was it hard work to become a doctor, astronaut, teacher & inventor?
  • Was it fun in the rocket?
  • Do you enjoy being an astronaut?

We created information posters about Mae Jemison, well done to:

Monroe, Anastasia, Primrose & Ephratah




If you want to learn more about Mae Jemison, follow these links:

She even has a childrens book about her!




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