World Earth Day 2020!

Good Morning everyone!

Today is World Earth Day!

Today is all about celebrating our world, and also thinking about how we can look after our precious world.

Have a look at the website below, this will tell you so much more about Earth day and has links to activities you can do.

Earth Day 2020

Our school is also signed up to BP resources. They are a company who work with scientists all around the world and want to help primary children to learn about science aswell. They have some fantastic resource.

This is the link to the website

We have a student code – if you type that in at the top of the page you can access all the amazing resources they have available. The student code is….. 74508

World Earth Day art

Can you create a piece of art work at home which celebrates our beautiful world?
Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Climate change information posters/ fact files

Can you research about climate change and create a poster all about it. You might want to think about carbon footprints, travel, fossil fuels, the food transport industry, the clothing industry, plastic and so much more.

Can you think about ways we can help to look after our world and include that information in your poster or fact file?

I can’t wait to see what you all create and learn about today! I would love to see some of your work aswell so email in as much as you can and I will add it to this page as the day goes on!

These songs were also written by our Rosary friend, Caroline Chan! I hope you enjoy them

From Miss Marsden


2 comments on “World Earth Day 2020!

  1. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Thanks so much for all this information, Miss Marsden! There’s lots for us to do to celebrate World Earth Day today! Lucky us!

  2. Ave-Maria says:

    I never knew it was earth day but now I do after this blog was posted ??????????

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