Work that makes us go WOW!

We have had another very busy and fun week in Macaws. Make sure you ask us about how to write an instruction text because we have writing our own recipes for a best friend! In numeracy we have moved on to addition and subtraction and explored fact families, and related number sentences. Make sure you ask about a fact family and how we can use a bar model to represent them. When we are thinking about related facts we use our ones knowledge to add tens quickly, for example we know 3 + 5 = 8 so we also know 30 + 50 = 80.


We read the story of Daniel and the Lions in Religion, we can explain how Daniel was devoted to God and the protection God provided him as a chosen person. We reflected on the story meaning and what this story can teach us. Ask us to find out what we thought.


In our Topic learning we explored changes in technology by looking at phones, we organised these on a time line then explored how they have changed over time and why. We even thought about how these developments changed the way people communicate. 


Have a look at our WOW work from all this learning below!














One comment on “Work that makes us go WOW!

  1. Miss Stefanou says:

    What beautiful work Macaws! You’ve obviously been very busy!

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