Weekly Music Round-Up (11th May)

Welcome to the Rosary weekly music round-up. 

This page brings together everything you need to know about what is happening in the Rosary School’s musical week.  It will also show you some highlights of our wonderful musicians’ achievements last week.

Google Classroom Music Activities: 

I have been so impressed with some of the music activities handed into Google classroom and I will post a celebration blog to each phase this week, rounding up some highlights.

Singing Assemblies for Separate Phases:

We continue to hold assemblies for each phase.  These are the highlight of my week and I really enjoy singing and dancing with you all.

Year 3 and 4: Tuesday 9:30

Year 1 and 2: Tuesday 11:30

Year 5 and 6: Wednesday 9:30

EYFS: Wednesday 11:30

We will hold the singing assemblies on zoom.  The details are on your class MUSIC google classroom.  Codes have been sent via the parent hub, but if you do not have the code to your music google classroom, please email so I can help you log on.

Recorder Class on Wednesday

This week will see the 3rd week of Wider Opportunities Recorder Class on Zoom, led by Layil Barr and Mrs Wright.  We have two classes:

Wednesday 13:00 – 13:45 BEGINNERS RECORDER

Wednesday 14:00 – 14:45 IMPROVERS RECORDER

The zoom code and password are the same for singing assemblies, but this will be sent out again via the parent hub and on google classroom.

Choir – Virtual Video

Please make sure that all choir members log in to the Choir Google Classroom.  It is an exciting week this week as we will be submitting videos to make up a Rosary Virtual Choir Video.  The video will feature the choir’s favourite song, “Glorious”.

There are so many wonderful Virtual Choir Projects happening during the lockdown.  But this is one of my favourites as it brings together lots of choirs from different churches all over the UK. Feeling inspired? COME AND JOIN THE VIRTUAL CHOIR PROJECT!

Concerts At Home – ROYAL ALBERT HOME (From our friends at the Royal Albert Hall)

The Royal Albert Hall continues to put on great concerts from professional musician’s living rooms.  My favourite recent concert is by an Early-Years Music leader called Becky Dixon.  I think she’s totally BRILLIANT, so please do find some time to sit down with your little brother or sister this week for some fun storytelling with music.

Daily, Daily, Sing to Mary

I will be posting 3 videos per week up on Youtube during the month of May.  May is traditionally a month where we especially remember Our Lady.  Please do visit the Daily, Daily Sing to Mary Blog, sing along with me and comment with your favourite song about the Blessed Virgin Mary.


7 comments on “Weekly Music Round-Up (11th May)

  1. Thank you for sharing your favourite virtual choir and orchestra performances – I loved them all! I think it would be amazing if we did this at the Rosary.

  2. Mrs Wright says:

    Me too… ideas welcome!

  3. Abigail yr 5 ??❤?? says:

    Miss wright I didn’t get the code.

  4. Mrs Wright says:

    The code is on your google classroom page. I can’t post it here as this is a public website. See you soon!

  5. Abigail yr 5 ??❤?? says:

    I still can’t see it could u email it to me

  6. Mrs Wright says:

    Abigail, I am so pleased you managed to sign into the Choir Google classroom in the end. You are PART 2 in Glorious, you can find the tutorial video on the Choir Glorious Blog and Choir google classroom. It would be amazing for you to be part of our virtual choir, but I can’t include you in the video unless you hand in your video by Wednesday 20th at the very latest. We’d love you to be part of it! If you find it hard to upload onto the Google Classroom, please email to
    Happy Singing!

  7. Mrs Harris says:

    What an amazing array of music activities taking place!
    It was so lovely to see you all at singing assembly.
    Thank you Mrs Wright for making the music possible!

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