We love Budgens!

A selection of children from the Rosary School had the absolute privilege of attending the grand opening of our country’s first plastic free zoning system… It was only just across the road at our local supermarket – Budgens!

Andrew Thornton kindly came in to educate us all on this important change that his supermarket is at the forefront of, and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to get involved.

Two children from each class were able to head over for the grand opening, and even meet a few celebrities while they were there! The most exciting thing by far however, was the positive prospects that this initiative has for our future. Our children were encouraged to become the next generation’s best scientists in order to develop this movement even further and save our planet from the damage that plastic  has been causing for years.













2 comments on “We love Budgens!

  1. Julia Camacho says:

    It was so much fun joining in the plastic free ceremony. It was such a great experience for all of us! 😘😘😘

  2. Heidi-Belle y2 says:

    I had a lovely afternoon at Budgens learning about using less plastic.

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