We have named our new friend…

Introducing the first ever Rosary School Pet….Bolt!

Bolt is going to help our Chicks learn how to care for God’s creatures and to think about what is needed to live a happy and healthy life. They bathed Bolt today and everyone enjoyed it! Thank you to everyone who handed in an entry and thank you for all your donations. We raised £22 which will help us to keep Bolt comfortable in his new home.

6 comments on “We have named our new friend…

  1. Miss Stefanou says:

    Hi there Chicks, it’s the Pufflings here! We can’t wait to meet Bolt!

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    I got to meet Bolt today and I love him already! He was having a snooze but Miss Miles told me that when he has a bath he is very animated so I am going to try and catch that moment next time! Welcome to Rosary Bolt – we hope you will be very happy here!

  3. sophie.kennedy says:

    I love the very aptly named Bolt! He was snoozing again when I popped down but he must have been exhausted after munching away on his cucumber!

  4. lovely name and well done

  5. IT IS SO CUTE I remember when I was in ducklings and we had ducklings to take care of. Also cool name

  6. Nice name.

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