VE Day 75 Activities!

VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day. Friday 8th May marked 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. 

It has been SUCH a pleasure to see how you celebrated VE Day 75! I loved seeing all of your red, white and blue! There were lots of baking, bunting and picnics taking place! Have a look at some of the photos below… can you spot some familiar faces amongst the decorations? 

Click here to watch A’s amazing video all about VE Day!

Click here to read Danny’s VE Day report!

Have a look at Ralphy’s medal that he designed. Then have a read of Anthony’s hard work all about how his great grandad went to war and was a true hero.


Thank you all for sending in your photos and hard work! 


9 comments on “VE Day 75 Activities!

  1. Mrs Harris says:

    What a fantastic video A -full of interesting facts and so well delivered! Well done to everyone -great reports and I love your pictures too!

  2. Mrs Solomons says:

    Absolutely brilliant video and VE Day report, thank you so much for sharing your interesting facts with us. R, I really like the medal you designed, many service men and women would be proud to wear it! A, I was deeply moved by your work, you must be very proud of your great grandad.

  3. Jenny Wheatley says:

    Wow what a great video , so very well presented and how exciting that your great grandpa was able to tell you about his experience of that time.
    Great medal design R , I can see a lot of detail And time must of gone into this , well done .
    A what a lovely piece you have written, you must be so proud of your great grandad and of course your great uncle, you are right what a true hero and I hope you do get to visit his resting place one day!

  4. I like how the people took there time just to show respect of the war over Germany though i do think that the country its self did improve from its other self.

  5. also did you know that German in WWII was called third reich? [ standing for third realm, also this might be false info due to my habit of forgetting things ]

  6. Miss Duncan says:

    Wow, Gabriel! I did not know that- I am going to go and read about your fact! You are always great at remembering things at school, especially when it comes to History!

    I agree with all of the other adults, too- what great work and lovely photos from our pupils!

  7. Miss Stefanou says:

    Wow! Such lovely celebrations going on, so many busy bakers! Such beautiful and heart felt work from KS2 as well, great to read.

  8. Mrs Redmond says:

    What fantastic work and how moving to hear and read about it all. You have all put so much effort into it and it is so lovely to see all the celebrations. Well done everyone!

  9. Tommy Worth says:

    Well done to everyone at the Rosary for their efforts in celebrating VE Day, considering the circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during these difficult times.

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