Trip to Bletchley Park!

Last Friday, all of year 5 had the privilege to go on a trip to Bletchley park (a place that was used to decode German messages). We learnt that working undercover wasn’t as easy as it seems. If you were working at Bletchley park a form of secrecy would be signed – if broken there would be serious consequences such as 7 years in prison or worse; the death penalty. Code breaking was a task only for the most intelligent! Most of the workers were women, due to the fact that they could not fight in the war.

Thank you to Mr Keane, Miss Oswell, Miss Bradley and Mr Bennett. We give an EXTRA thanks to the Polish Embassy for giving us this phenomenal day!

Written By Savannah.

One comment on “Trip to Bletchley Park!

  1. Emilia c says:

    i loved this trip even the VIP coach !!!

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