Toucans Class Assembly

On Thursday, Toucans had their first class assembly. The children tried so hard and we were all so proud of them. The theme was Africa as they have been learning about animals around the world, but focusing on the continent of Africa most recently. They sang a song and showed their art work which they loved. The children also re-told the story of Lila and the secret of rain, as they had been learning this story in literacy.

Here are some pictures from the day. Well done to all of Toucans class!

6 comments on “Toucans Class Assembly

  1. looks like a fun and great class assembly toucans!🙂😀

  2. It seems fun to do

  3. I loved it

  4. My little brother was great

  5. My little brother was exelent

  6. I wish I could do this play

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