The Ten:Ten theatre company visits us!

Does a gift have to be expensive to be of value?

Today Liam and Rachel from Ten:Ten told us a story through drama. It was about two siblings called Harry and Kate who were asked to choose the best present they had ever received. Harry chose his expensive violin and Kate chose her music box which was given to her by a close relative.  Through this story we realised that some gifts hold no monetary value but are precious to us in another way. This made us start to think about gifts we can give to other people which you can’t see but are of value such as love, happiness and hope.P1400755





2 comments on “The Ten:Ten theatre company visits us!

  1. Isabelle says:

    It was really fun to watch and learn with the 10-10 theatre! 🙂

  2. hope ten ten come later this year!!!!!!

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