The Royal Observatory in Condors’ Classroom!

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to welcome two astronomers into our Condors’ Classroom through the magical power of Zoom!

It was a fascinating session in which we consolidated all our hard work on The Solar System as well as finding out SO many amazing facts! Do you know what the dark patches on the moon are and what caused them? Did you know that you could fit one million earths into the sun? Or that the sun is actually a small star compared to the trillions that are out there in the universe?

We also had a great discussion around Solar Eclipses! Did you know that the next total solar eclipse in the UK will not happen again until 2090??!

2 comments on “The Royal Observatory in Condors’ Classroom!

  1. THAT LOOKS SO COOL oops caps

  2. Isabella George says:

    That was so much fun!! It was so interesting!

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