The Rosary Gymnastics Team!


Over the past few weeks, the Rosary Gymnastics Team have been performing and perfecting a challenging routine to the song, “Brave”. We have worked exceptionally hard especially on our bridges and front walk-overs! Also, the UKS2 choir provided a wonderful cover to Brave for our backing track!

“This was such an amazing journey for us!” (Chloe, Snowy Owls)

“Such an amazing time to spend with our friends, doing the things we love!” (Lily-Rae, Condors)

“This has been such a great time to spend seeing as we have missed out on many things for so long!” (Lexi, Eagles)

“Best days EVER!” (Layla, Eagles) 

One comment on “The Rosary Gymnastics Team!

  1. Julia Yr5/6 says:

    I loved doing this! Good job! Hopefully we get the video up soon! Happy Half Term!! 🥰🥰

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