The Quangle Wangle’s Hat -Watch our video here!

This film was made by year 3/4 children as a final piece of work for a poetry project. We designed characters and made stop-frame animation ‘puppets’ to illustrate the Edward Lear poem, ‘The Quangle Wangle’s Hat”. We made storyboards to plan the filming and then shot the film using a rostrum camera and Dragonframe software. We discussed how we would read the poem and recorded it using a voice memo app which was added to the film in an editing programme.

Quite technical, super creative and really charming!

6 comments on “The Quangle Wangle’s Hat -Watch our video here!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    That is FANTASTIC Kingfishers! It has a sort of ‘hungry caterpillar’ feel about it! I love the way you have combined images, voices and even some music (for the blue baboon) to create something so original and charming! Well done all!

  2. Hannah A says:

    Great work kingfishers
    Well done!

  3. Danny year 5 says:

    I love this it is amazing

  4. I remember doing this too. It was a lot of fun!

  5. Isabella George says:

    That’s so COOL

  6. Christabella says:

    I was in year 3/4 and all of Mrs Fleet’s lessons were so fun. This was one of my favourite lesson ever to do with poetry 😀😁. I miss these classes so much 😭😂.

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