The Primary Maths Challenge

On Wednesday four year sixes competed in a Primary Maths Challenge. This is a competition where lots of other school battle it out to solve some of the hardest maths problems out there. As expected, our Rosary children rose to the challenge and worked brilliantly all day, never giving up. The competition was tough but we did extremely well coming 9th. A huge congratulations to  our wonderful  mathematicians.

11 comments on “The Primary Maths Challenge

  1. Stephan yr6 says:

    I hate my self for being ill on that day and leaving I’m not sure what place you came but on the last 2 rounds I hope you got high marks 🤗

  2. sophie.kennedy says:

    We felt very sad for you! Well done for persevering but you have to put your health first. Get well soon 🙂

  3. well done! i am very impressed with how well you did and i am sure everyone else is aswell

  4. I found this challenge a lot of fun, doing math in all sorts of levels was challenging. I would love to do this again.

  5. I think we did great. I want to say well done to S for even though being dizzy, trying his best. In case you want to know, we came ninth.

    The questions were very complicated for all of us.

  6. 🎉Kate🎆 says:

    Congratulations Lucas, Ivan, Maja and Milena!!!!

  7. Mikey Regan 😜 says:

    Well done guys! I don’t care how far you got but I just happy that you didn’t give up guys no matter the challenges. Well done 👍

  8. suzie.harris says:

    Well done Team Rosary! Hope you’re feeling better S and well done for stepping in M. We are very proud of you all.
    Full steam ahead now for Spring Slam!

  9. Anna McGrory says:

    Well done Team Rosary!! We are so proud of you! Our team worked so well together. S – you did your very best despite being so ill you had to go home which absolutely cannot be helped! M – you were a fantastic replacement – stepping in seamlessly to the role and helping the team complete the challenges with no prep whatsoever! And the rest of the team – you were amazing! Well done! Miss McGrory

  10. Hugh Class Condors says:

    that looks fun i hope you enjoyed it

  11. When I woke up that morning I had no idea I would be doing this!

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