The Pelicans visit Westminster Cathedral

Fun at the Cathedral

Today we had a guided tour of Westminster Cathedral and discovered what a beautiful place the cathedral is. We were shown the different chapels in the cathedral, looked at the different mosaics and listened to the stories behind the mosaics. We also found out that a Pelican is a bird of Christianity! We were told that early Christians thought that female Pelicans had blood on their breast from pecking themselves. This blood was then fed to their young and made Christians think of Christ scarifying himself for mankind. We now know this is not the case and what was on their breast would have been food because they are messy eaters! Make sure you do your homework and recount our visit today so it can go into your R.E books!

7 comments on “The Pelicans visit Westminster Cathedral

  1. Hugh Condors yr6 says:

    I hope that you all enjoyed the trip.

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    Westminster Cathedral is such a special and holy place. What a privilege that you got to visit. I am fascinated by that fact about Pelicans! Wow – I had no idea! Well done Pelicans. Miss McGrory

  3. I had a great time at West minister I saw lots of amazing pictures

  4. that was so fun

  5. I loved the trip to the cathedral

  6. Ciara Yr 5/6 says:

    Wow, it looks fabulous. Looking at all the features of a cathedral.

  7. Lucas Yr5/6 says:

    Wow, that architecture is stunning!

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