The Pelicans go to the CLC

On Wednesday 12th December the Pelicans visited the CLC to use the equipment available there. This time they used  a software called Cartouche. They used this software to create their own Viking storyboard. Finally they learnt how to use this to create an animation. You can see their work here:  

6 comments on “The Pelicans go to the CLC

  1. abigail year4 says:

    I had so much fun thank you for taking us!

  2. That was so fun !

  3. They look like they had lots of fun

  4. Laila Yr4😝 says:

    It was so much fun Miss Francis.😂😃

  5. Isabella George says:

    I hope we come back to the CLC because we had LOTS of FUN!!!!!

  6. Isabella George says:

    We are so lucky to go to the CLC!!!!!

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