The Passage- Day 1!

Thank you to all the children and families that have donated tins, packets of food and toiletries to The Passage Charity. It’s just day one and we have lots to give already.

A HUGE thank you to all our wonderful Mini Vinnies on the Chaplaincy Team for coming into school early, setting up the food bank station and collecting the food from the children. You did a smashing job!

The Chaplaincy team will be in the playground every morning this week ready for all your donations. Keep them coming!


3 comments on “The Passage- Day 1!

  1. collecting donations was sooooooooooooo fun!

  2. abigail year4 says:

    I brought lots of things for the passage💕💕💕👍😁✔😍

  3. christabella says:

    I love and enjoy being on chaplaincy team and helping the passage I love it. We’ve got Mr Bennet on Friday and I can’t wait . I’m also excited about the passage assembly.

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