Ten Ten Prayers for Home w/b 18th May 2020

Make Me Hopeful

In this week’s Gospel we hear about Jesus’ preparation to return to heaven. Even as He tells the disciples that He is about to leave them, He reassures them that He is not leaving them alone. This reassurance and His resurrection are the reasons we can be hopeful.

Hope is the theme of our prayers this week and we take encouragement through the words of Pope Francis.

Monday 18/5/2020

Tuesday 19/5/2020

Wednesday 20/5/2020

Thursday 21/5/2020

Friday 22/5/2020

Saturday 23/5/2020

One comment on “Ten Ten Prayers for Home w/b 18th May 2020

  1. Ave-Maria says:

    Good Morning to all the teachers and all the Rosary students. This sounds and looks amazing.Have a good day


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