Springing into Action!

Our topic is ‘May the Force be with you!’ It is a Science topic. So far, we have learnt about magnets. We know that when two magnets are close, they create pushing or pulling forces on one another. These forces are strongest at the ends of the magnets. The two ends of a magnet are known as the north pole and the south pole.
We also investigated what happens when you try to put two magnets together with the same poles pointing towards one another. The magnets will push away from each other! We say they repel each other.

We discovered that if you put two magnets together with different poles pointing towards one another, the magnets will pull towards each other. We say they attract each other.

Today we looked at a different type of force. We created our own springs! We found that when springs are pushed down or compressed, they exert a push force to try to return to their original shape. This is what happened when we placed a paper ball on our springs. We loved testing our springs with different objects and seeing forces at work. We took our springs home- I wonder if you will continue investigating over the weekend?

8 comments on “Springing into Action!

  1. It worked so well.

  2. Lauryn 👩🏽 says:

    Me too and I loved this lesson
    It was funnn

  3. I love making springs it was so fun!❤️

  4. I loved working with my group.It was so fun doing this lesson with the class.

  5. It is the best lesson

  6. Amazing work everyone.

  7. Amazing work .

  8. Lovely!

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