Space Timeline

Today we explored the history of Space Travel as part of our new topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. We started trying to piece together a giant timeline of space travel and we learnt some great facts!

Did you know that fruit flies were the first creatures launched into space?! They were used to study the effects of space travel on animals and were chosen because they are more similar to humans than you might imagine! The flies travelled in 1947 and were sent with a supply of corn to eat on the flight!

4 comments on “Space Timeline

  1. Hi Condors
    Looks like you all are working very hard
    I wish i was in your class
    anyways I love your topic
    hope you all had fun and i wish you a LUCKY year.

  2. Hi class
    when we did this lesson i found it VERY ENJOYABLE
    i just wanted to say thank you to all my teachers for planning this lesson

  3. Abigail yr 6 ?✨ says:

    I ABOUSTLEY LOVED this but me and my group found some of them tricky but we always love a challenge 🙂 Stay safe x

  4. Isabella George says:

    This lesson was so much fun!! Thank you, teachers for organising this lesson for us! I agree with Abigail it was tricky but we can still take challenges! ?

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