Snowy Owls visit the Churchill War Rooms!

Today, the Snowy Owls had an enthralling visit to the Churchill War Rooms! They were intrigued to understand the purpose of these underground rooms and the role they played in World War 2. They also uncovered more details about Churchill’s life prior to politics as well as his role as Prime Minister. The Snowy Owls were full of enthusiasm and interest all day and are now equipped with greater knowledge to explore their World War 2 topic even further!

8 comments on “Snowy Owls visit the Churchill War Rooms!

  1. The trip was wonderful Miss Quigley.

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    I loved talking to some of you about this trip! It sounded fantastic!

  3. sophie.kennedy says:

    It looks like you had a fantastic time, Snowy Owls! It is quite incredible to imagine what life must have been like during WW2. We are especially privileged to have so many places on our doorstep to help us do this!

  4. I really enjoyed the trip to the imperial warooms I had so much fun there looking at Winston Churchills base

  5. It looks like that was so much fun.

  6. I really enjoyed looking through military goggles.

  7. Sofia George Sarmiento says:

    It was so interesting! I can’t believe Winston Churchill is known today!😁😁

  8. Abbie Cooke says:

    Wow snowy owls I bet you had a good time

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