Snowy Owls at the CLC

The Snowy Owls had an exciting day at the CLC on Friday!

“We learnt how to program robots in order to complete several challenges, including making the bots detect a certain colour so they’re ready for a mission to Mars!” – Julia

“Me and my partner programmed our robot to do a figure eight around two cups. We also learnt to park our robot backwards.” – Luis

“We worked in pairs and programmed the robots using our iPads. We had a lot of fun looking at what we could do!” – Lily

“The teacher gave us super fun challenges, including making the robot stop just before an obstacle using the super sonic sensor. It was really interesting. I loved it!” – Patryk



6 comments on “Snowy Owls at the CLC

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    Robots! Coding! Programming! This is the future Snowy Owls! It looks like you had a brilliant time!

  2. Abigail yr 5 😍👍💕🖐 says:

    i enjoyed going to the CLC.ðŸĨĩ What i mostly enjoyed about this entertainment and fun trip is that we got to use the ipads to connect to the robot, and the robot was able to identify the colors.
    i also liked when we were all overcoming our challengs and we never gave up and we kept on trying until we got there.👍 Thank you Julian,Miss Quiglely and Miss Palma for taking us on this wonderful trip. I hope we go on other fun trips like this next time. Luckily, next two weeks we are going to the Hamestpead synagouge. I bet its going to be really fun.ðŸĨĩ🙌ðŸĨĩ

  3. Abigail yr 5 😍👍💕🖐 says:

    I also liked how we used MATHS BECAUSE I LOVE âĪâĪâĪâĪ MATHS espically TIMESTABLES. yayyyyy

  4. Sofia George Sarmiento says:


  5. i never thought i could do that.


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