Science Week – Our World!

This week The Rosary took part in a whole school Science Week event. We focused on the world we live in. Over the past few years the negative impact we have on the planet has been brought to the forefront of our daily lives, so this week we learnt all about it!

We kick started the week with looking at the horrendous effect plastic has on our environment and in particular – our oceans! We had the opportunity to make something fun and useful out of paper – no plastic was allowed! Some classes made fantastic pencil holders, while others made fun toys.

A huge box of plastic rubbish was left in the playground, with some rather worrying facts about plastic surrounding it! This is an example of what Toucans made with just one sheet of A4 paper! What fun! On Tuesday we all took part in Earth Hour! During this hour as much as possible was turned off. We realised that we didn’t need to have so much on and it saved a lot of electricity- which benefits our world immensely! In this hour, many classes made pollution catchers. These were simple to make- but the results were ….interesting… to see. Over the course of the week hundreds of tiny specks of black appeared on the paper plates (they had vaseline brushed onto them) YUCK!!!!  All those tiny little black specks are what we are breathing in every day! All the more reason to walk to school instead of driving or taking the bus if you can!

We hung the finished plates all over the playground to catch as much pollution as we could. Some were left in classrooms, and even those had air pollution on them! 

On Wednesday the whole school focused on climate change. We learnt about the effects of climate change; this was such a vast topic so most classes focused in on one area. In Key Stage 1 the children completed a sorting and matching game. Lets hope the world gets together to reduce global pollution, sooner rather than later.

On Thursday, Key Stage 2 had sports day, however key Stage 1 were ready for transforming plastic bottles into something useful instead of throwing them away. All the children invented a new use for an item of plastic which was destined for the bin or recycling bin! The variety of inventions was incredible and the creativity flowed….

On the final day……. we had a dress up day!!!! We all came into school dressed up in recycling and all kinds of rubbish. However the results were far from rubbish! You all looked FANTASTIC!!!! Have a peek at what some of the classes did.

Well done to all involved! You all did such a great job this week and I can’t wait to see what we can do next year at The Rosary to help the environment and make our school even more Eco-friendly!

Miss Marsden

6 comments on “Science Week – Our World!

  1. That looks interesting,we should save are planet, animals and much much more.This is good for our environment it will also help us. Save the world people!

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    Well done everybody for such a great Science Week! Of course have fantastic science going on every week at our school but it was great to really focus our school’s attention on such a huge issue facing mankind: pollution! I am so impressed with everybody’s hard work and I know I have already made changes about the way I use plastic! Thanks to Miss Marsden for organising our Science Week!

  3. It was so fun creating the pollution catchers

  4. Science week was fun. I learnt a lot about pollution and plastic that is envolved in the world. It was great to make to pullution catchers as we could see how much pollution there is in the world today. In Eagles,I also really enjoyed doing Earth Hour. During that hour,it was good to colour in a earth wth patterns and quotes.

  5. DëÇłÃń says:

    That was so fun to build. 🙂

  6. I remember this

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