Science Week Dress Up Day

Science Week was so much fun! We learnt a lot about our environment impact on the world and how we can be more sustainable for the earth’s future.

On Friday we dressed up in recycled materials. Everyone thought of creative ideas to make their costumes.

Have a look at our costumes from the day.

10 comments on “Science Week Dress Up Day

  1. It’s fun to see everyone dress up for science week I can tell Tiana worked really hard on her costume.

  2. Science week was so fun every ones outfit were so cool

  3. It was great to see all the effort and time put into these amazing costumes. Well done 👍🏻

  4. Well Done everybody. There was quite a few breathtaking bows and other environmentally friendly items in our class!

  5. Everybody worked really hard on their outfits. I especially like the outfits made out of cardboard.

  6. I really enjoyed this years science week. It was really fun to see everyone dressed up in unusual ways.

  7. Paige Christie 😍 says:

    I loved science dress up day, because we all wore recyclable clothes like newspaper dresses and skirts.

  8. DëÇłÃń says:

    We need more BOXES 📦 please

  9. Maya M. 🍉 says:

    Science Dress Up Day was so interesting. Great costumes everyone!

  10. We have to save our world 🌎 and work together

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