Science Week

We are all scientists!

This week Flamingos have been celebrating Science week with some very fun activities. We have stretched curly wurlys as far as they will go, made structures out of marshmallows to develop our engineering skills and investigated different measurements around us – did you know that for most people the length of their forearm is the same as their foot? It has been a true test of our curiosity, patience and perseverance. We have asked some interesting questions, solved tricky problems and shared our ideas and discoveries.

What was your favourite experiment?


9 comments on “Science Week

  1. My favourite one was making the longest curly wurly

  2. I loved making the marshmallow’s towers.?????

  3. I had so much fun ! My favourite experiment was the marshmellow and pasta tower . I hope everybody else had a good time !

  4. Miss Blake says:

    Hi Flamingoes! Science Week looked like so much fun. I know how much you love science. Keep up the hard work. I love seeing your learning.

  5. Layla yr 3 says:

    I love science ?

  6. I miss you miss Blake?

  7. TALLULAH -BLEU says:


  8. I can’t believe that we did so many activities!??

  9. IT WAS SO FUN????✌

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