Science week!

Science fun in the Pelicans class!

This week we have had Science week with a focus on saving our planet by reducing how much plastic we use and recycling rubbish by making something useful from it! We made pollution catchers from paper plates to test the level of pollution in the air and made useful things from plastic bottles and containers. We also had fun making outfits from rubbish. We had dresses and skirts made out of plastic bags, bangles made out of plastic bottles and much more! Below we have G and A with their plastic hat, K with his spy glass made from a plastic bottle and a plastic bangle that Y made!

What was your favourite moment of Science week? Comment below!


2 comments on “Science week!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    What fantastic creations!

  2. that we got to dress up on friday wearing recyle things i loved it

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