SATs Week

We’re feeling excited for SATs Week next week – we’re prepared and looking forward to doing the best that we can!

What are you most looking forward to and why? What tips have you got for your peers?

Have a restful weekend in preparation for the tests.

Parents: Please read the letter sent home and posted on School Info section of website.

Children: Remember to come early from 8.45am.

Have a great weekend!

Revision Links:

5/6 Word List

3/4 Word List

5-a-day Maths Test Practice


22 comments on “SATs Week

  1. I’m most excited for the Arithmetic because it’s the one that I can easily max out my marks!

  2. I’m a little nervous 😂

  3. i want to get them done and get them off my chest!!!

  4. Relax and stay coooool!

  5. Lyla Webb says:

    Really nervous…… but it should be fun 🤗

  6. Harvey ronan says:

    I am ready miss Kennedy🔥🔥🔥

  7. Jayden Klein says:

    Good luck every one, remember your Roman Numerals and that smaller numbers before bigger numbers subtract to get your answer (e.g IX = 9)

  8. Thomas Abbes (Condors) says:

    I am looking forward to SATs. I know it will be fun to revise useful skills.

  9. Sssssaara says:

    This is for all of the year 6 children, we will all do well as everything we have learnt is in the test.

  10. I think I will do well in sats and I’m looking forward to it and PGL

  11. ✨Kate🦄 says:

    Thank you Miss Kennedy for all the advice you have given to me and the rest of year 6. I will definitely be using these tips and will be waking up a few minutes early so I can come to school at 8:45 and revise. The revision books have helped me a lot and I will do extra credit.

  12. Everyone should stay relaxed and calm fo SATS Goodluck

  13. I cant wait till SATS👍🏾

  14. Anna yr6 says:

    Good Luck to everyone ! Remember to relax and do a little bit of revision over the weekend. Get to bed early and most importantly: try your best!

  15. I can’t wait for SATS although I prefer PGL.

  16. Anna McGrory says:

    Wishing you all the very best of luck for this week! All you can do is your best and we are so proud of you. Go Year 6!!

  17. Harry Ugbah says:

    Good luck to everyone in year 6!

  18. Mrs Dawson says:

    Best wishes to all of our wonderful year 6 children! All of the Rosary teachers are so proud of your preparations and what we know you’ll accomplish!

    Top Tip: Blueberries in your breakfast cereal – BRAIN FOOD!

  19. anna.francis says:

    Best of Luck Year 6, you’re going to do brilliantly. Just enjoy it.

    Top Tip: A fishy supper is meant to be good for the brain!!!

  20. Miss Ramsay says:

    Go Year 6, you are going to do amazingly well. All your hard work is paying off. I love Ms Francis’ top tip, I have heard that too.

    TOP TIP: Get at least 9 hours sleep every night.

  21. suzie.harris says:

    Well done Year 6 -you survived!!!
    Have a wonderful PGL trip next week.
    Top Tip: Listen to Miss Kennedy and you’ll have a fantastic time!

  22. demi and ruby hj says:

    we hope that you guys did well on your sats and we hope you have a fantastic time at pgl and we miss everyone who went to the rosary especially the teachers. good luck for your new schools. 🙂

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