Rosary Choir at the Camden Cluster Festival

Last week, the Rosary choir took part in the Camden Cluster Choir festival at St Mary, St Pancras school.

We joined together with Edith Neville school and Eleanor Palmer school to sing shared repertoire:

  • Mairie’s Wedding
  • Young Rider
  • Gaudeamus
  • Putting the Spotlight on You (with drum solos from Christabella, Deia and Noah)

We really enjoyed performing our special rendition of the Jimmy Cliff song, ‘Hard Road to Travel’.  We picked this summery reggae song as a contrast to the Liturgical music we have been singing in preparation for the end of term Masses.

We really enjoyed singing with other schools form the Camden network and we were lucky to enjoy a masterclass with a professional drummer as well!

It was our largest choir so far… we are now 50 strong and looking forward to going into the next academic year with all our new members!



4 comments on “Rosary Choir at the Camden Cluster Festival

  1. It looks really fun singing in a cluster festival in another school.

  2. Hannah A says:

    The trip was really fun

  3. I loved going to sing in the cluster festival❤️💛💛💚

  4. Tomi 😎 says:

    I love the trip

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