Roald Dahl Day!

Tuesday 13th September will see the biggest ever celebration of Roald Dahl’s birthday. At the Rosary we will be celebrating his centenary by inviting all children to bring in their favourite Roald Dahl book to share with their class. We will have a scrumdiddlyumptious reading session where children can celebrate these fantastic books together. Children should think about their favourite Roald Dahl book over the weekend. Teachers will also be sharing their favourite Roald Dahl books on Tuesday.

On Roald Dahl day remember these wise words by the author himself:

“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself”

We’re looking forward to hearing about your marvellous Roald Dahl books!


3 comments on “Roald Dahl Day!

  1. jen.beswick says:

    Ooh Matilda or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?? There are so many favourites, it will be hard to decide!

  2. oh decisions ,decisions ,decisions.I just don’t know witch book to bring!I love the BFG but i also like Danny the champion of the world.What should i do!

  3. I love all the Roald Dahl books.They are so creative and they’er almost magical.Happy birthday Roald Dahl!!

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