Recorder Concert at the Royal Academy of Music

On Tuesday 17th April, the Year 4 Rosary students went to visit the Royal Academy of Music to attend a special Recorder Quartet concert.

Earlier in the year, the Year 4 students took part in a composition project at the CLC and yesterday’s concert gave them the opportunity to hear three of their compositions being played by recorder students at the Academy.

Jake, Isabelle and Yekale wrote fantastic pieces that we all really enjoyed hearing. Here they are taking a bow after their songs had been performed…

As well as hearing our own school’s talent, we were treated to performances by composers spanning over 500 years. It was a varied programme and we got to see so many different types of recorder being played!

We are all feeling very inspired after seeing how beautifully and skilfully all the different sized recorders can be played in an ensemble. We’re in awe of the talent and dedication of the students we saw performing.

Thank you to Mateja at Open Academy, Sheena Masson and Rod Aaron at Camden Music, Gillian at the CLC, and to Kristina and her consort for putting together such an enjoyable concert programme for us.


4 comments on “Recorder Concert at the Royal Academy of Music

  1. Mrs Wright says:

    I was so very proud of the Year 4 students. They represented our school so beautifully and the concert organisers commented on what a delight our students were to have in the building. Please post comments about your favourite pieces of music and anything new you learned!

  2. Sofia George Sarmiento says:

    It looks fun!

  3. I love the Royal Academy of music I hope we can. Go agin

  4. Anna McGrory says:

    What an amazing opportunity for you all! I am delighted you all had such a great time. Thank you to Mrs Wright and all accompanying adults as well as the Royal Academy of Music. Miss McGrory

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