Pufflings to go the CLC

On Friday, the Pufflings had an exciting day out  to the CLC! It was the first time we had ever visited there and it was very exciting.

We started our day either programming BlueBots or working on a computer program. Using a mouse was quite tricky at first as most of us are so used to having touch screen devices! On the computers, we could choose from so many different games and activities! A favourite amongst the Pufflings was definitely a recycling game.


Later in the day, we had the opportunity to investigate lots of different toys such as metal detectors, remote control dinosaurs and even a barbeque!

After our lunch, we came together with the Duckling Class to work on the iPads. We each had our own iPad and played a ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ interactive reading game! Our teacher at the CLC told us that when using an iPad it is safest to do so either sitting against a wall or lying down!



After a long day at the CLC, we caught the bus back to school. Everyone was very tired but feeling very happy after spending a lovely day together. Every single Puffling was so well behaved throughout the day. Well done Pufflings!

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