Phonics for EYFS!

At the Rosary we are passionate about reading and we want to ensure that our children continue on their journey to becoming life-long readers who read for pleasure and to open up their worlds. Teaching phonics is one of the strategies that we use to develop early reading, and the application of phonics is very important in helping children with their spelling.

Phonics lessons

Phonics is taught everyday in school for short, fun, interactive sessions which all the children enjoy. Whilst we can’t offer this at the moment, we have been investigating the best way to bring clear and consistent daily phonics into your homes.

Ruth Miskin’s Read, Write, Inc is a well recognised and respected phonics scheme which has produced daily sessions for children to engage with at home. We would like all children in the Early Years to spend between 10 and 20 minutes a day learning phonics.

The link below will take you straight to one of Ruth Miskin’s daily phonics session on Youtube. Every day at 9.30am a new session is uploaded onto this Youtube channel. It is available on the channel for 24hours, and after that a new session replaces it.

The sessions are organised as follows;

Set 1 Lessons are for all Nursery children and Reception children who would benefit from revisiting phase 2 phonics. (Single letter phonemes) We recommend Nursery children watch the daily Speed Sounds video to begin with.

Set 2 Lessons are for Reception children. Please watch both videos as one supports reading and the other spelling.


Click here to see the half-term schedule from Read, Write Inc.

We think the children will really enjoy these sessions as there is a lot of “my turn, your turn” (indicated by hand movements) and other interactive moments which they are very used to.
We believe that if children engage daily with these sessions they will really improve in their early reading & writing developmental journey.

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