7 comments on “PGL 2019 Day 3 P2

  1. Katema (Yr7) says:

    You’re nearing to the end of your trip ;-;. I hope that you guys are still dancing the night away! (Edward would get that) (So much nostalgia)

    – Katema ^^

  2. Ahila Jegerajan says:

    Looks like you all had some fun activities in the afternoon. I hope you aren’t too tired to have fun at the disco tonight!! Ashani – I hope you’ve been using the disposable camera – please take a photo of Ms Kennedy/with Ms Kennedy – she is missing in all the pictures! One with all the staff that went too! Take plenty of photos with everyone!!!! We can make an album when you come back (tomorrow – yippeee!). Love Amma

  3. Isabelle says:


  4. Anthony D says:

    Hi James.D ,
    Glad to see you having a great time. We all miss you and looking forward to you coming home.
    Dad,Mum,Ruby and baby Jack.

  5. Jacks’ Nan and Granddad says:

    Hello Jack,
    What a great activity, must of been really cool.So glad you are having a great time.
    Enjoy every minute x

  6. Charlottek says:

    Hi Lucas hope you are having fun there at PGL. It looks very fun and we are all looking forward to when you come back!

  7. Hi Tah, I hoooooope you are having a good time!!!

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