16 comments on “PGL 2019 Day 2 P2

  1. Kathleen says:

    That swing makes my belly do somersaults just looking at it 🤢

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    What lovely photos! The sun is shining for you!

  3. How lovely 💗 looks like you are having the best time 💗 perfect weather too 💗 miss you Ellie 💗 although it looks like you are having a wonderful time 💗 go make the best memories 💗 xx

  4. Eric & Carmela says:

    Know that you are the best! enjoy & have lots of fun.kisses 😘😘😘

  5. You look so happy Ruby, good to see you are having fun. Enjoy the glorious weather everyone =]

  6. Mary-Ann Gilroy says:

    lovely seeing so many pictures of you having fun Lilly x

  7. Eric & Carmela (Charlene’s dad & mum) says:

    A big thank you to all the amazing teachers for the beautiful pics and BRAVO to all the kids .Enjoy !

  8. Looks like your all having so much fun I love looking at the pics of you all.
    Son can’t wait to here all about it darling x x x

  9. Ahila Jegerajan says:

    Ashani – you know I’ve got to say this…aren’t you hot in your hoodie with all that glorious sunshine??!! You can take the daughter away from the mother, but you can’t take the mother out of me! haha 😉 (queue eye roll from you when you read this!). Love you plenty! Love Amma x

  10. Ahila Jegerajan says:

    Great to see the teachers are all getting a go as well – love the picture of Mr Bennett running! Thank you for all the photos – especially the one of Ashani today…made my heart melt xx

  11. Chloe 👑 - Mason’s sister says:

    Hi Mason I hope your having the best time and I really miss you and can you tell Mrs Ozwel and Miss Dawson that I miss them to ❤️ I like looking at all the pictures and seeing year 6 have loads of fun and congratulations for starting a fire 🔥 Love Chloe Xx

  12. Louis princess’s brother says:

    Hi Princess hope your enjoying PGL I knew you’d like the zip wire. Don’t worry about daddy he is with his favourite child and calls me every morning 😂😂

  13. Louis princess’s brother says:

    Hi Princess hope your enjoying PGL I knew you like the zip wire . Don’t worry about daddy his favourite child is looking after him he even rings me in the morning 😂

  14. Carly Ryan says:

    Wow Year 6, you all look like your having the best time at PGL. Thank you to all the teachers looking after them.
    Mason, we’re missing you so much but we love looking at all the photos.
    You look like your having so much fun doing the activities, well done.
    Can’t wait to see you on Thursday and hear all about it.
    Love you Mason Xx

  15. Mr Keane says:

    Brilliant photos. The weather there looks better than here! Incredible action packed days.

  16. lovely to see so many pictures of you .thank you to all the teacher who are looking after all the children luliaa we are missing you so much have fun and we love you

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