Pelicans at London Zoo!

We visited London Zoo today! We loved visiting lots of different animals including lions, penguins, giraffes and butterflies. We also had a workshop which focused on our topic… Rainforests! We discussed the different living things in the rainforest including monkeys, sloths and frogs! We also demonstrated our existing knowledge such as the four layers of the rainforest.
Then we went through the rainforest! We spotted fruit bats, an emperor tamarin, a titi monkey and three slots! We also measured the temperature to see how humid the Rainforests are around the world. We had binoculars to help us locate the animals.
We also learned about adaptations that some animals have such as sloths’ claws.
Before we left we were introduced to two hissing cockroaches! Their names were Charlie and Bob. We learned that they are not dangerous to us, but they do make hissing sounds to imitate a dangerous animal in the rainforest. Can you guess which animal they try to sound like? Some of us touched Charlie! We heard the tiny hiss.
What a great day- with fantastic weather too! Thank you to our parent helpers. What was your favourite animal?

8 comments on “Pelicans at London Zoo!

  1. Miss Agger says:

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the zoo Pelicans! Which animals did you like the most? I hope there weren’t any spiders, they would have definitely scared Miss Duncan!!

    Miss Agger xx

  2. Miss Stefanou says:

    The rainforest section is one of my favourite parts of the Zoo! I am very jealous indeed!

  3. This was my first time going to London Zoo and i loved it.We saw lots of animals but my favourite were the mearcats and yes there were spiders in the bug section of the zoo but i think Miss Duncan was to scared to go in 😉

  4. Miss Duncan says:

    We had such a fantastic trip! Miss Agger is right… I was terrified of spiders! I also wasn’t expecting the cockroaches named Charlie and Bob!
    Which animals were your favourite?
    Miss Duncan x

  5. Lexi Jai year4 says:

    Had such a lovely time

  6. Pelicans Class says:

    We had SO much fun on our trip!
    Our favourite part was visiting the penguins, the sloths and the rainforest area.
    Happy Friday!
    Pelicans Class x

  7. What a great day that was We got to hold a madacascen hissing cocroach😱😱

  8. The London zoo was so fun!

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