Our Very Own Rosary Journalist!!

We are so proud to say that we have our very own Rosary Journalist!! Pelicans had a visit from the Magic Lantern Educational Charity (a brilliant charity who visit schools and use art as a learning tool across the whole curriculum) and children were asked to write a review of this charity and send any entries off to the children’s newspaper ‘First News’.  Hundreds of children across the country who have worked with Magic Lantern sent in their articles but it was our very own Rosary Superstar from Pelicans that was chosen. Her review has been published for all to see and we couldn’t be prouder! We also love the fact that the newspaper made a bit of a silly mistake and printed our superstar’s name wrong so they are giving us a whole extra workshop AND free copies of First News as an apology – hooray!! Well done to our Rosary Reporter –  a career in frontline journalism awaits you!

3 comments on “Our Very Own Rosary Journalist!!

  1. Elle Marchant says:

    It’s incredible that E got her journal idea chosen

  2. I really will try and find the newspaper to read . I feel so sorry for the superstar

  3. Wow, well done E for winning.

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