Ofal Falafal visits The Rosary!

The children and staff at The Rosary were so incredibly lucky to be visited by author, illustrator and comedian, Olaf Falaffel.

We were all so inspired by him and felt extremely privaledged to be shown a sneeak preview of his next book. Olaf, not only had us all in hysterics, but taught us a huge amount about illustrating and writing a successful book. He read to us his new book ‘One Giant Leek For Mankind’ which is all about the first moon landing. It was not only informative but extremeley entertaining. Lots of children and staff bought copies and Olaf was kind enough to sign them.

Thank you Olaf for coming, we very much look forward to having you here again!


4 comments on “Ofal Falafal visits The Rosary!

  1. Alex D yr5/6 says:

    That was so fun!!!!!

  2. Ollie Marqueiro says:

    Olaf Falaffel inspired me so so much I went home and recreated his drawing. Thank you so much for bringing me light for writing and illustrating thank you.

    Yours sincerely Ollie Y5

  3. Anna McGrory says:

    This sounds to have been AMAZING! I was giggling just hearing about it! We are so lucky to have been visited by Olaf!

  4. He was very funny!

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