NSPCC Number Day!

What a fantastic number day! We wore great outfits showing off facts about our favourite numbers. We changed classes for an hour to play some exciting maths games with different teachers. Miss Duncan LOVED teaching so many different children (including many she has taught in the past!) We played SPROD- a game which helped us improve our addition, subtraction and multiplication skills. Miss Duncan will be showing this game to parents and carers at the Pelicans Marvellous Maths Morning, so come along if you can! Thank you to Miss Ramsay for organising such a fun day, raising money for a great cause- the NSPCC.

3 comments on “NSPCC Number Day!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    You all look great in your Number Day outfits! And what fun you all had playing brilliant maths games or solving tricky maths puzzles!

  2. Ella peel yr 3 says:

    I loved going around all the classes doing different activities.

  3. Ella peel yr 3 says:

    NSPCC love Your heart day

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