National Poetry Day

Today was National Poetry Day!

To celebrate the occasion we read Miss Labrom’s favourite poem, Please Mrs Butler. Click here to read it for yourself.

We then had a go at writing our own versions of Please Mrs Butler.

Here are some of our final pieces.



13 comments on “National Poetry Day

  1. Well done J and F! I wrote a funny poem too about a boy who kept kicking my chair.

  2. You’ve done such good work! My advice was to make him my servant and lock him in the school!

  3. I like your work! I want to do it too.

  4. Brilliant job!

  5. Here’s my poem that I remember:
    Please Miss Labrom
    This boy Derek Drew
    Keeps making the floor wet so I will slip
    What should I do?

    Trap him in your house but throw away the playstation
    Tie him to a chair
    Feed him worms and spiders and snails
    But don’t ask me!

  6. I also remember my poem!

    Please Miss Labrom
    This boy Derek Drew
    Keeps kicking my chair, Miss
    What shall I do?

    Throw him in the toilet,
    Push him off the roof
    Make him slip over and trap him in the bin
    But don’t ask me!

  7. J and F,s please miss labrom is amazing FLAMINGOS ROCK!

  8. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  9. Lovely guys well done.
    I hope everyone is happy about it.

  10. good job

  11. Good job❤️❤️💕💕

  12. well done guys good job I really like your so much I wish I could see all of your. so you can all get a go

  13. good job

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