Name this piece!

Here is a video of Holly from The Kids Concert Company playing the piece with no name composed by Malawski.

Can you think of a great name for this piece?

We had some brilliant ideas in our mini concert this morning including ‘The Demon’s Eye’, ‘Midnight Mystery’, ‘Toboggan’, and the winning suggestion of ‘The Bear and the Rabbit’ from Thomas in Condors!

If you enjoy listening to this piece, why not come along to the FREE concert on Sunday?  Letters have gone home with all children with details about the concert.

14 comments on “Name this piece!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    My name for this piece is ‘The Midnight Chase’!

  2. my one is the fast swan in the water

  3. My name for this piece of music is cat and mouse

  4. My name for the piece is “city returns” 🙂

  5. I have many ideas about this faboulous piece played by Holly but I thought about “Catch the star”, “Wind Spiral” , ” One way or the other”. Thank you Holly for taking your time to spend with us this morning.

  6. The Stingers Revenge

  7. Alex Sinclair says:

    Two minutes in Poland

  8. ✨Kate🦄 says:

    The name I was thinking 💭 of is ‘The Runaway’🏃🏽‍♀️

  9. I was thinking of the cops vs crook

  10. i think the chasing devils as the name because it sounds like it was like something chasing something which gave me the idea of this name.

  11. stephan I LIKE IT!!

  12. I agree with the names relating to chasing. I thought of ‘The Race’ or ‘The Toboggan’ 😜

  13. I have another idea! Simply ‘the chase’.

  14. this my idea polands chase

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