Monday 8th June – World Oceans Day!

Today is World Oceans Day!

Have a look at the website attached. It explains all about the day and how we can all help to raise awareness about protecting about beautiful world and it’s oceans.

Things you could do – Sign the petition on the website (with the help of an adult)

-Learn as much as you can about the oceans

-Create a fact file/ poster on the oceans

-Watch David Attenborough’s – Blue Planet programs – These are so educational and interesting

-Plan an event to raise money for the cause

-Have a look at the resources on the website

Take a picture of anything you do and send it to your class teacher over the next few days.

Happy Oceans Day Rosary!

From Miss Marsden

One comment on “Monday 8th June – World Oceans Day!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    Happy Oceans Day Everyone! Thanks so much for this Miss Marsden! I am going to make an underwater scene with my family and I will definitely use this as an excuse to watch Blue Planet again which I LOVE! I am looking forward to seeing what you all get up to.

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