Mini Vinnie Fundraising – The Passage

The Passage is an important charity that carries out charitable work that supports homeless people across London. They have been working hard to help get people off the streets during this uncertain time. The Passage takes its values and ethos from the teachings and example of St Vincent De Paul, who believed in action rather than words and in hands-on service to vulnerable people. It therefore seems appropriate that fundraising for The Passage is the first task of our Mini Vinnie team this year! They will be working hard to tell people all about The Passage and reminding them to donate.

Fundraising will look at little different this year. We will not be bringing in food that will be donated like we normally do each year. Instead, we can help by visiting the following web page to donate money online. This money will go towards vital food vouchers.

The Passage are celebrating 40 years of of supporting homeless people in London. Let’s continue to support them as well!


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