Mighty Materials!

This week we have been very busy using our hands to explore different materials and their properties.

As a class, we each chose an object from around the room made from different materials to sort in our Venn diagram. We used words to describe the properties such as; hard, soft, rough, soft, stretchy or rigid.

This always fun to try at home because you can find so many different objects and materials!

We also carried out the ‘Three Little Pigs’ investigation to see which of our houses would manage to stay standing when the Big Bad Wolf came and tried to blow our house down!
We made houses using 3 different materials:

·         Plastic straws bundled together and blu-tack

·         Sugar cubes

·         Lego



We predicted that the Lego houses would be very strong because they are hard and made of plastic which is strong.

We thought the sugar cube houses would stay strong because the sugar is hard, but we discussed what would happen to the sugar cubes if it rained- it would fall apart!

We thought the straw houses wouldn’t stay standing because the plastic is very light and the straws are bendy.



All of our houses stayed standing against the Big Bad Wolf!

However, we did find that the sugar cube houses began to move around when Miss Cleary was the Big Bad Wolf.

We were all surprised that the straw houses stayed standing even though they started to sway when Miss Cleary was the Big Bad Wolf!


Overall, we had so much fun building together using different materials!

Could you try this investigation at home using different materials? Have fun!

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