May is the Month of Mary

A big ‘Thank You’ to Dominic for his patience and expertise in filming this video!

See what you can find out about Mary’s life through The Bible and the Mysteries of the Rosary. How do Catholics across the world honour Mary in the month of May?

You could make a video report and send it to us to put on the website.

How can we celebrate at home now that we are not at school?(Click on links below for more ideas)

✝ Pray the Rosary with your family.

✝ Make a May altar at home, on your balcony or in your garden

Write and decorate your own prayer or the Hail Mary

✝ Join us in singing hymns and songs for Our Lady with Mrs Wright “Daily Daily Sing to Mary” blog.

✝ Visit the Rosary Shrine at St Dominic’s Priory (virtually of course!)

Parents, you might like to find out more about Mary by clicking here

Thank you for your wonderful contributions so far. Please take a look at some of the work from our children.

Mary’s Garden By Charlotte K ,Pelicans Class

Mary by Joshua, Pelicans Class

4 comments on “May is the Month of Mary

  1. Cool

  2. Mrs Harris says:

    As a child, I remember taking part in the May Day processions dressed in my First Holy Communion dress. I was so jealous as my best friend was chosen to crown Our Lady -this was a great honour.
    ✝️ I can’t wait to see your video reports and artwork children.

  3. Miss Duncan says:

    Such beautiful contributions so far! I remember when I was at primary school, my favourite song to sing was ‘Bring Flowers of the Rarest’. I love the words and it’s such a lovely song about Mary.

  4. Mrs Solomons says:

    Beautiful work! Mrs Harris, I also remember taking part in the May Processions when at primary school. I was in the Legion of Mary and got envious when my best friend was chosen to crown Our Lady – the greatest honour. I enjoyed our May Procession last year in the Rosary playground, it is one of my most treasured memories.

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