Maths in Snowy Owls!

We have had a super start to our Maths lessons in Snowy Owls! We began the new school year by recapping all of our place value knowledge and today we moved on to rounding.

We played a game that helped us practise our rounding skills in a fun and competitive way! We had an 8-sided dice each and had to roll it to generate a two-digit number. We then had to round this number to the nearest ten and write our name in that circle in a bid to complete as many circles as possible! Once we had completed the first page, we moved on to rounding to the nearest hundred and the nearest thousand! We are rounding masters now!

Grab yourself a dice and you can have a go at the rounding game yourself!



7 comments on “Maths in Snowy Owls!

  1. I won the first round against Ruby!

  2. Work. (•‿•)

  3. I liked the it was fun 🙂🙂🙂

  4. The work was fun I won 1 round against Hollybel and it was fun 😄😄😄

  5. Ì won once against Hollybell it was fun maths 😄😄😄

  6. It was very fun and I won once against Hollybell

  7. Ì won once against Hollybell and it was very fun😃😃😃

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